See what others are saying about Chad Daniel and The Curse of the Father 



I've known Chad Daniel for over 20 years. His desire to reach people on a global scale has personally impacted my family, and he is someone we know and trust. The Curse of the Father is a thought-provoking and engaging message to people from all walks of life.


Dr. Perry Stone

Voice of Evangelism Ministries

Throughout my 30 year relationship with Chad, he has continued to communicate the value of life in a unique and accessible way. The Curse of the Father is a blockbuster adventure filled with inspiring characters who challenge the supernatural forces behind suicide and receive the ultimate healing from the wounds of their past.


Dino Rizzo -

Executive Director, Association of Related Churches

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Chad Daniel for over 25 years. His passion for Christ has compelled him to address topics that few would ever consider. The Curse of the Father is a revealing look at the wounds inflicted on those who lose a loved one to suicide and the emotional battle fought by those left with unanswerable questions.


Mike Haman

Senior Pastor, Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA

Ominous and intriguing! Chad addresses the global epidemic of suicide and exposes the lies behind these tragedies. The forest’s dark atmosphere will captivate imaginations, guiding the reader down a chilling path before ultimately revealing the redemptive truth found only through Jesus.


Kerri Weems - Senior Pastor, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL

The Curse of the Father. It is an immensely engaging book, written in accessible language and style that people of every age will enjoy. The story grips you from beginning to end, and we experience the “Suicide Forest” in Japan along with Chad and his traveling companions as if we are there ourselves.


Phil Dooley - Pastor, Hillsong Church, Cape Town, South Africa

The message of hope and life in Christ, combined with Chad’s personal testimony of losing a loved one to suicide, will not only captivate you, but will move you to embrace life.