Chad Daniel Ministries - youth presentation

I remember so vividly my first real encounter with God. I got saved while attending church camp as a teenager and I returned back home radically changed.

Little did I know, that encounter and another re-igniting would be my saving grace for life’s challenges that were ahead of me.

Growing up with a father who had his own vision and dreams for how his son’s life should be, I always fell short of his expectations and felt like I wasn’t good enough.

After my mother succumbed to cancer, all I was left with was the devastatingly broken relationship I had with my father. Ten years after my mother’s passing, my father - still angry, disillusioned and unable to cope, took his own life. Days later, I learned he was furious at God for allowing his wife to die and angry at me for what happened. 

Still, through it all, God was there to comfort me, heal my broken heart and guide my steps.

I realized that though my life would not turn out exactly how my natural father wanted it, my Father in Heaven had a powerful plan for me. The only thing he needed from me was to step out on faith to fulfill His divine calling.

I truly believe that “faith will always produce muscle movement in your life.” It’s why helping hundreds of thousands of young people live out this principle, discover their dreams and fulfill the calling on their lives is my life’s work.

It’s been 20 years since that day I experienced the crushing blow of my father’s untimely suicide. Since that time, and through God’s amazing grace, I have been empowered to use that incident to communicate the truth of His word and the abundance of His love.

It’s my greatest desire to reach young people who are on the brink of taking their own lives, looking for some way to stop the pain or to escape life’s challenges.

By enthusiastically sharing the power of Jesus all over the world, my ministry combines relevant, humorous, cross-cultural examples and subject matter with God’s word that empower our youth to change their world. And, above all, to let them know that their lives are worth living!

I’d love to share the message God has given me with you!