December 2013

Dear friends and family, As 2013 comes to a close I wanted to share with you a few testimonies that have encouraged us in many ways. As you know, Youthbytes was translated into Mandarin a few years ago. Our friend John from Hong Kong flew in and spent a week working hard getting all of the shows completed. Having ministered in mainland China many times over the years, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to get the finished product into the hands of those who need it most. Being able to sow into the local church in China can be tricky, especially if you want to do face-to-face events. Since it is not always possible to go, local distribution of our media tool was the logical choice. Working with established ministries already involved with college students, we found that Youthbytes was not only the perfect discipleship tool but also a great evangelistic weapon. The testimonies and reports we have been receiving are very encouraging. The concept and approach of the program is fast-paced and entertaining, but more importantly, is full of the word of God, communicating the basics of Jesus in a way that is easily and readily received by young and old alike.

John, the voice of Youthbytes in Mandarin, in the studio dubbing the program. He said “ Oh, it is easy to do Chad’s voice; he speaks as fast as most Chinese people!”

John, the voice of Youthbytes in Mandarin, in the studio dubbing the program. He said “ Oh, it is easy to do Chad’s voice; he speaks as fast as most Chinese people!”

As of last month we have distributed over 12,000 DVDs of the program in the Mandarin language at no charge to the recipients. The fruit from this endeavour can never be measured in natural terms, but in the light of eternity it is preparing hearts of a generation to live forever in HIM! Without your faithful support this would not be possible. Thanks for helping us reach a generation for Jesus!

Below are two testimonies from young adults who have shared how God has used Youthbytes to communicate Jesus to them.

“I am a Baima Tibetan, and my name is B.. M... Q.... I am now a high school student. Some people recently introduced me to Youthbytes. We watched the episodes and discussed them together. I was a man who did not know about sin and did not understand what it was. Because of watching Youthbytes, I confessed my sin and repented. Now, when I know I make a mistake, I correct it immediately. I know otherwise the sin will grow bigger and bigger in my life, and it will become very hard to correct it. With faith in Jesus and God’s grace, we know that the precious blood of Jesus washes our sins. He died so we can have life, as well as peace and hope. Until I watched Youthbytes, I did not know the purpose, plan and meaning of my life. Now I know God, and I understand that He can do what He wants to do in our lives. Thanks for your help and thanks for giving me the chance to watch Youthbytes for free. May God remember your work.”
My name is Wu ..........I am a college student; a classmate showed me the YB DVD. Through the DVD, I got to know God’s gracious love, to know and believe in Jesus. I did not know much about life. After watching the DVD, I started to know about sin; I can also see the difference between man’s love and God’s love. I got to know about the life we live, and that we can have eternal hope. I sincerely bless you and thank you, may God remember your love. After watching this DVD, I got to know that the most precious thing in people’s lives is to believe in Jesus; only if we follow him can our lives be meaningful. I did not know this before, but I know this now. Thanks for providing it to us for free!