Christmas 2017


Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is hard to believe that 2017 is almost gone. It seems like only yesterday I was rejoicing that 2016 was finally over. It is true, as you get older, time does “fly by.”

Looking back over this past year, my heart is incredibly thankful for all that God has allowed me todo. The grace and mercy that was extended is humbling. Brazil was our focus this year resulting in unexpected doors and opportunities for 2018. I was asked if my time flying on planes, riding in cars and sitting in airports was really worth it? My response is always a resounding YES! Seeing God pour out His Spirit on thousands of young people and knowing His grace and mercy has ushered thousands into His Kingdom is a joy that cannot be expressed in words. None of this would have been possible if were not for your faithful support of our outreaches.

"Jesus is that great light and it is my daily prayer that those who still walk in darkness will encounter our God"

Last month I completed my seventh trip to Brazil for 2017. Although my heart is always focused on the nations, it is good to be home for the holidays! Thanksgiving was a memorable time together. My son, Max, was home from college, my sister drove in from Los Angeles and Rhett, my youngest, turned 17.

This week we completed our 7th box of Youthbytes! Filmed in Israel, India and Hong Kong, this collection gives us thirty-five, 30-minute television shows and seventy individual teaching sessions. I’m constantly amazed at all that God has done with the little bit of creativity we have made available to Him!

As most of the world views Christmas as a time to chase after material goods and temporary pleasures, I’m always reminded of the words spoken in the book of Isaiah 9:2 -

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the light shined.“

Jesus is that great light and it is my daily prayer that those who still walk in darkness will encounter our God, whose grace and mercy is more than able to bring them out of darkness into the glorious light of His salvation! This is also my prayer for you and your family during this season. That the light of Gods Word will continue to illuminate your path and direct your footsteps as you enter a new year.

Thanks again for standing with us as we go into the world with the Good News of Jesus.

Chad & Shay Daniel