Reformation November 2015

 Dear Friends & Family,

I just returned from Brazil and November has own by very quickly. During the 1st weekend of the month I had the opportunity to again be with my friend Perry Stone for his annual Reformation Weekend held at the Omega Center International in Cleveland, Tennessee. Over 2500 young people were in attendance, expecting God to do something wonderful, and He did not disappoint. On my Friday night session, I was amazed to see the hunger and intensity in the crowd as worship progressed. God was again con rming that He was raising up a generation who were unashamed to worship Him, in public and in private. The altars were full every session and reports of God’s grace were heard all weekend! I had a number of young adults who approached me and wanted to say thanks for the Youthbtye program, that it that had encouraged them over the years and at times was their only source of discipleship. As these events concluded I made it home for 48 hours and then headed down to Brazil for another set of meetings. Continuing where we started in 2010, our events in local churches were well-attended and God touched hundreds in unique ways. Ministering again in the state of Bahia, my schedule was just as packed as every other trip. The requests from the church to see the snake was overwhelming, however “She” did not always grace the stage, instead she showed up only at the end of service for hundreds of sel e photos! From the very rst meeting, the Spirit of God made Himself known to all in attendance. I focused on the issues of unforgiveness and rejection and the response was nothing less than shocking. Hundreds of young and old made their way forward, not only seeking forgiveness but looking to forgive others who had hurt them. The intensity of these altar moments was at times intimidating, especially when we went to lay hands on people. Those in attendance were desperate and their faith was touching heaven, changing the environment in every meeting. 

In every event there is always something special that stands out. This was the case in Tennessee last month. A 21-year -old girl approached me at the altar declaring that she was addicted to prescription drugs and wanted to be free from this. I told her to raise her hands and when she did she crumbled to the ground with a shriek. As I began to pray in the name of Jesus, a male voice began to speak expressing in no uncertain terms that it was not going to leave her and and that her life belonged to him. Well for me that was like putting blood in an ocean full of sharks. I quickly began to rebuke the spirit and prayed with great intensity, at which time her body began to buck and writhe on the ground with great force. I was amazed a girl of such size could command such strength. With a gasp the demon went silent and she fell limp. I asked her mother to come agree with me in prayer over her daughter. When she touched her daughter she opened her eyes, confused as to what had just happened. I looked at her and said, “I am now going to pull you out of your old life and into the Life of God, this is an act of faith, do you believe?” Through the tears and confusion she said yes! As I pulled her up I could actually feel resistance, as if the spirit that held her was pulling her back to the oor. I began to pull even harder, shouting the name of Jesus and she leapt forward as if being pushed.She landed on her feet and her hands went straight up into the air and she began to praise God. Her mother was thrilled, explaining to me that this decision to come for prayer was her daughter’s and not hers. The next morning the girl approached me explaining how she had not remembered much from the night before other than that she was now free and had not felt this in way in many, many years! I was excited to see that Jesus had again set someone totally free!

Thanks for helping us go! Chad & Shay