Brazil May 2016

Dear Friends & Family,

I just returned from a quick but fruitful trip back to Brazil. I had a business meeting with a couple of TV stations and a creative sit-down with my friend Pastor Marco who is my “TV voice” in Brazil. As with any other trip, I always try to make the most of my time, and in this case it was also to promote the “Life Event” strategy with a few key churches. We recently translated the Sea of Trees into Portuguese and we have begun to hold these anti-suicide events around the nation. My friend and translator coordinated some of these meetings in Rio and they were more than we expected. The first event was in a Baptist Church which graciously opened their doors to their weekly college and career service. I was curious to see how the message would be received and the altar call confirmed what I suspected. Over 100 young adults came forward for prayer, asking God to not only deliver them from tormenting thoughts and overwhelming hopelessness, but also to receive grace to forgive those who had hurt them. As the Spirit of God began to move, voices were heard all over the sanctuary crying and weeping before the Lord.  I was encouraged as the altar service continued for almost 45 minutes. God did so many wonderful things that night, I am still receiving reports about the services.

We recently released the Sea of Trees DVD in Portuguese and the results we have seen utilizing this unique message have been overwhelming.

We recently released the Sea of Trees DVD in Portuguese and the results we have seen utilizing this unique message have been overwhelming.

At each service the Spirit of God moved on the hearts of all who were crying out in faith to Him.

The time praying for young and old at the altars was incredible. I was honored to agree with those who were believing God do a miracle in their lives.

The other event we held was with a friend of mine at an Assemblies of God Church in Rio. The pastor hosted us years ago when he was a youth pastor. The night was one of the most unusual I have had the privilege of being a part of. It was Sunday night and the crowds were smaller than usual. I had to have the teens come forward from the balcony to be in the front with me. After I preached and showed a clip from the video, the spirit of God began to move, but this time it was a very definitive direction that I was experiencing. I noticed a woman in the audience and called her forward with a word of Knowledge. As she walked forward to the left side of the stage I could tell something was happening in her life. She approached the stage defiantly. As the word for her came forth, she began to break and weep openly. As we ministered to her the church was getting very excited, which I thought was odd since we did not use the microphone to speak with her so they heard nothing I said at the altar.. When I finished, I was directed to the far right side of the stage and called a teenager out from the crowd. She came forward weeping and to my surprise, I gave her the exact same word from the Lord that I had minutes before given the other woman. Suddenly as the young girl began to weep and cry with great force, a voice whispered in my ear, “Chad, this is that woman’s daughter.” I was blown away. I quickly went down, grabbed the girl by the arm and brought her to her mother who was now lost in a flood of emotions and great joy. As I presented the daughter to her mother the church went wild. The two embraced and wept, rejoicing in what God had orchestrated. As I later learned, the woman had 4 different children from four different men and had a questionable reputation. She had been concerned that her daughter was following in her footsteps and did not know where to turn. God singled out this family that night to not only bring restoration and reconciliation, but to confirm to the church that it is He who hears the prayers of the broken and gives grace to all who call on HIM! 

In Jesus Name

- Chad & Shay Daniel