India November 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters, November 2016

I just returned from a fruitful trip to Hong Kong and India. I have not been back for almost two years and I was excited that we had the opportunity to return. We made the most of our stop over in Hong Kong and filmed 5 programs. We visited the Gold Fish Market, the Wishing Tree and the infamous Temple Street Market. Each location offered the perfect backdrop to communicate a powerful message. As with all the videos we create, we use a natural example to explain a spiritual truth. I cant wait to get these edited and on our App. After our brief time in Hong Kong we traveled to India to be a part of the Alive Conference in the city of Hyderabad. My friend Josh Komonapali hosted this event and I was honored to be a part of it. As usual we communicated the message of Life utilizing the Sea of Trees video and the results were the same as so many times before.Young people came forward weeping, crying out to God for freedom and peace as they struggle with this life. Jesus was faithful to not only impart grace, but also set them free from many strongholds that kept them bound.

After the conference we boarded an overnight train to head to the city of Amalapuram. There is no greater experience than traveling in India by train. The smells, the sounds, the animals and frantic pace of the stations reminds one of how good we have it in the USA. Arriving at 5am the next morning we took another 2 hour van ride to the city. Working with Josh and his families established ministries, we had three full days of production, meetings and lots of fellowship. Our first stop was to a high school where we shared about harnessing the power of Gods creativity in our personal lives. The teens were intrigued by our stories and method of communicating the truths of God’s Word.

The highlight of the trip was going to visit the Leper and HIV home. I have always had a very soft spot for those whom society has rejected. Even though our time was limited, I was excited to shake their hands, look them in the eyes and pray over each of them. They get very few visitors and our time with them was appreciated. We of course could not go to India and not film a memorable video message. We had the opportunity to visit a free cataract surgery clinic and film in the operating theatre. Clothed in surgery scrubs I communicated how cataracts in the natural can limit our ability to utilize natural light, so does unforgivness and hardness of heart limit our ability to walk in Gods light. It was a profound simple message. From here we visited a home for children to share the Gospel with them. What a blast it was to have 250 attentive souls hanging on every word. I of course could not do a normal message, I needed to take it to another level and I did this by utilizing a T-Rex blow up costume. The message “Calling on Jesus Name when your afraid” was gladly accepted by the kids. Well, there were a few shreiks when he made his appearance.

Each night we had the opportunity to share the Word of God in small outdoor street meetings. This can be tricky since India frowns upon “conversion meetings” especially when foreigners are involved. This fact however did not deter us or our team from giving it 100% each night. As we shared the Word I was reminded that the secret to the Gospel is not in my power to communicate, but in its ability to produce faith when it is read. As expected each of these meetings did exactly that. Men, women and children responded to the simple message of Jesus, some for the very first time, others received miracles of healing as they came forward for prayer.
There is no greater experience than praying for someone who is desperate, someone who has no hope outside of Jesus. We prayed for all in attendance and were amazed at what God did through our simple obedience. It was an fruitful trip on all fronts and I am confident that the seeds sown during this time will produce fruit for eternity. We have plans to return to this wonderful nation in 2017 to again participate in the Alive Conference. Thanks again for helping us go into all the world for Him!