The Story Behind The Curse of the Father

Whether you know me personally or are simply familiar with my media content, it’s easy to get a quick read on my enthusiasm for people. My greatest fulfillment is to help people grow STRONGER in their walk with CHRIST and see them build the confidence to LIVE life LOUD! Over my 35 years of youth ministry, I’ve witnessed insecure and timid teenagers transform into bold and determined achievers once they deeply recognize their place in the kingdom of heaven! THAT kind of bold maturity brings real change in our communities!

But, it’s that maturity in Christ that the enemy has targeted to destroy in us. Some of the weapons the enemy uses are subtle.

Addictions and insecurities are like toxic nerve gas in our walk with Christ. They are nearly undetectable until it’s too late. Other weapons are more blunt, designed to not only destroy our relationship with God, but end our natural lives as well!


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Over the last ten years, I’ve used my ministry platform to confront a deadly threat in our hearts that is nearly undetectable until we witness its lethal result: self-destruction and suicide. In every country I’ve ministered in, the silent cries from countless at-risk people continue to go unheard and the warning signs are equally invisible. Millions of people, both young and old, find themselves trapped in mental isolation, unable to find their voice and powerless to quiet the enemy's deception.

“Suicide is one of the most crucial subjects that’s not being talked about in church.”

For the last ten years, I’ve committed myself to be that voice and to be the one who will aggressively take a public stand against the epidemic of suicide. And whenever I do, the response is shocking and the altars are packed! A massive crowd of at-risk adults and teenagers continues to be a sobering reminder that suicide is one of the most crucial subjects that’s not being talked about in church.

Being known as the minister who confronts suicide wasn’t an easy choice to make! As someone who personally lost a family member to suicide, I spent years sitting on the sidelines of this fight, emotionally wounded. I counted myself as a victim, not an overcomer.


For me, the turning point was when my career as a TV host required me to travel to Japan and produce a suicide-awareness program in a forest called the Aokigahara. This lush area at the base of Mt Fuji contains countless remnants of human remains! Hundreds flock to the forest every year to take their own life. Standing in that forest of death and having to examine my own wounds of loss demanded me to get off the sidelines and into the ring to challenge the spirit behind suicide head on! Despite the insecurity, despite feeling unqualified or unprepared, I stormed into that arena, knowing that the power to bring hurting people freedom from suicide wouldn’t come from me, but the One who will speak through me!

Since that commitment, I’ve held hundreds of suicide-awareness meetings and TENS OF THOUSANDS have stood to their feet to affirm their desperate need for freedom from thoughts of self-destruction. The bold message of Life is the hammer that shatters the walls of isolation in the minds of MILLIONS!


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Equipping people with that hammer was the catalyst for me to write my own chilling tale of life after loss in The Curse of the Father. But, now that the manuscript is finished, what was originally intended to be a hammer ended up an  ATOM BOMB!

This book is an exceptional tool that countless will utilize to find the same healing I received from the wounds of suicide.

Creating non-traditional Christian media has been my forte since the beginning of my ministry. Writing an eerie tale set in the Suicide Forest is NO exception!

The Curse of the Father takes the reader with me on a thrilling journey through the Suicide Forest in order to expose the menacing forces behind the thoughts of self-destruction. Yes, the genre is provoking. Would you expect anything less from me? Without peering into the dark parts of our minds, we can never truly know how bright the light of God’s truth can shine!


Intrigued? I’m glad you are!

Because 2019 is the year I’m finally putting The Curse of the Father out into the world. I’m bravely asking you, my friends and family, to help lend your influence (small or vast) to get this book into the hands of those who are desperate for the freedom to LIVE LIFE LOUD! Click on the link below to help me launch this project.