Brazil March 2016

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Dear Family, Partners and Friends,


I hope this finds you doing well. I just returned from three full weeks of ministry, 1st in Brazil and then in Cleveland, Tennessee. I had the privilege of participating in a weekend of intense youth meetings with my friend Perry Stone. Every spring he and his team at Omega Center International hold back-to-back events called “Warrior Fest” which several thousand teens attend to experience a touch from God. When I arrived in Tennessee I had only been back in the country for 24 hours and was running on fumes; God, how- ever, gave me the grace to share the Word with over 4,000 young people. As usual, the energy was charged and the response of the teens to the Spirit of God’s presence was at times overwhelming. The altar calls lasted for over an hour as we laid hands on hundreds of hungry hearts. The impact of the events will most assuredly be felt for months to come. I will be returning to their summer Reformation events, speci cally addressing the problem with suicide in this generation. I know God is going to do something wonderful. The two previous weeks found me in the state of Brasilia in the nation of Brazil. As usual we arrived and hit the ground running, excited about holding some of our rst “Life Events” in this wonderful nation. As you know, the Life Event strategy involves me utilizing the Sea of Trees video that we lmed in Japan as well as my personal testimony. Having held this type of event in other nations, I was anxious to see how it would be received in Brazil; the results were staggering. At each event, the spirit of God lled the churches, con rming that He was in fact ready to address this topic in typical God-fashion, with great power and freedom available to those who would respond in faith to Him. The churches we were working with were all new contacts and they did not know me or Jovembytes, which probably worked in our favor as there were no preconceived ideas or expectations; what God did con rmed the we had no other agenda but HIS! 

As with many of the churches in Brazil, video technology and wi can be hard to come by, even in some of the biggest churches. I was a little concerned because my implementing the video section of the sermon was key to communicating the message e ectively. By the grace of God, each church had some sort of video display system available and the meetings went as planned. In each event, the process was the same. I show the 12-minute section of the video then I preach for about 30 minutes, sharing the testimony of my father’s death and a portion of scripture that explains the spiritual battle behind what we are seeing around the world. As soon as I nish the message, I make a short invitation to those who are not only battling darkness and thoughts of suicide, but to those who have been impacted by this sinister spirit and are needing to forgive and accept life. Each and every time, hundreds came forward. At times it seemed like the entire church was at the altar crying out to God. What was happening was different than what we have been seeing in our other meetings in Brazil. We literally had young and old coming forward pouring out their hearts to God. As the worship team would begin to minister songs of life and freedom, the intensity would crescendo and you could feel your hair stand on end. We rebuked spirits of death, commanded demons to leave, and without fail people would begin to be set free, at time manifesting demons, who left in an awful shriek.